Mining Made Easy

Complete hashing calculations at high performance on any device. Mobile Miner will monitor and automatically determine the maximum profitability for mining.


Mine Everywhere:

  • Web Browsers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Smart TV
  • VR Headsets
  • XBOX
  • Playstation
  • Let's Start Mining: Web | iOS | Android

What is Mobile Miner?

Typical mining software is complicated to setup, and involves lots of trial and error. Mobile Miner makes the process easy by allowing you to mine cryptocurrency on all of your devices including your desktop.

The cryptocurrency that you mine will be deposited directly into a wallet that you own and control the password too. Remember to keep your wallet password safe, as it is the key to accessing your cryptocurrency mining rewards and where the mining pool will distribute your contributions.

Still have questions about Mobile Miner? Check take a look at the commonly asked questions below:

Using your household devices, Mobile Miner can help you mine cryptocurrency. The processing power from your device is used to perform calculations necessary to keep cryptocurrency decentralized. As a reward, you will earn small sums of cryptocurrency.

Compiled with WASM, Mobile Miner is able to offer speeds of up to 85% - 95% when compared to leading desktop mining applications. Mobile Miner has the convenience of reduced installation hassle, and is plug and play for beginners. We are working hard to add additional configurations allowing you to select your own mining pool and more.

Mobile Miner has intelligent smart switching algorithms which are intended to keep your device performing the most profitable calculations automatically. While infrequent, Mobile Miner may use your GPU for additional mining potential.

The current pool used is - your pool activity, payouts and more are managed through the mining pool.

No. All cryptocurrency is stored at a third party mining pool before being sent directly to your wallet. Mobile Miner is not involved with the cryptocurrency and only handles algorithm and calculation functionalities.

Yes. Create a free account to easy pull up your wallet addresses to configure the wallet that each device will mine toward.

View your mining status at and enter the wallet address(es) that you have used for mining.

No, it is not possible to mine through the app.

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