What are Crypto Mining Giveaways?

What are Crypto Mining Giveaways?

Designed for casual miners, Mobile Miner has started to offer various crypto giveaways as an experimental addition to our platform. How do they work? You can take a look at the details and common questions below.

Our giveaways allow you to skip over the complexities of mining cryptocurrency while still putting your devices to use and helping keep cryptocurrencies decentralized.  

Our crypto giveaways have all participants using our online cryptocurrency miner. Instead of mining under your own personal wallet address, one of our platform addresses will be used instead, and contributions from participants will contributions will go toward this wallet wallet. In exchange for these contributions, our platform will automatically reward you with tickets.

These tickets are automatically entered into a randomized draw of your preferred prize level.  When the timer of a particular draw reaches 0:00, the listed prizes will be automatically delivered to the winners. 

Why Participate?

In addition to propelling the decentralization of cryptocurrency, you will also be rewarded with the chance of being awarded one for the listed prizes with MSRP up to $79.99 USD. 

While your device may be able to generate $0.25 - $2.00 in cryptocurrency over a monthly period, these same contributions can be exchanged for your chance to win prizes. This means that you will be exchanging your potential monthly mining earnings of an average computer for up to 240 chances to win prizes.

What Can I win?

The giveaways are seperated into three categories. There are small, medium, and large prizes. Each group has a different MSRP valuation associated to it which is used to organize the products available within each prize level.

You can visit the Mining Prizes page and select "View All Prizes" to see the latest list of prizes. When an item is no longer available, it will be removed and replaced by another prize. The list of prizes does not determine the order in which the prizes will become available for winning - they are rotated entirely at random.

Each prize level will let you review the previous won prizes, as well as the next couple of upcoming prizes.

In addition to each prize level having different prizes available, the frequency of prizes varies too.

  1. Small Prize
    $2.49 - $19.99 USD MSRP: every 3 hours

  2. Medium Prize
    $19.99 - $39.99 USD MSRP: every 12 hours

  3. Large Prize
    $39.99 - $79.99 USD MSRP: every 18 hours

At the current time we are focusing on offering digital CD keys as prizes for our crypto giveaways. These are easily and instantly distributable. In the future we will be working to add additional prize categories and other items. All digital CD keys can be activated by the winner instantly.

How Are Winners Selected?

During each round all of the participants will be collecting tickets based on their contributions - similar to traditional mining rewards. When a round ends, all of the tickets within that prize level (small, medium or large) are entered into a randomized drawing.

A winning ticket is selected, randomly and the winner is notified via email. Winning users can return to the prizes page to claim their new prize which is available to them instantly.

Note that all digital prizes arrive in a sealed state. When you reveal/claim your digital prize for the first time to reveal the digital activation key or serial number, it will become unsealed. This means you can no longer recycle the prize, a feature we are currently working on. If you receive a prize that does not interest you, you can keep it sealed until our future update.

What are my chances of winning?

The chance of winning any particular prize of each level will depend entirely on the number of participants. We do not create additional prizes or pools to collected users and limit win percentages.

As this area of our platform is early in development, we are constantly working to expand our list of available prizes, as well as the mechanics associated to each round. In the coming weeks, each round will be limited to just 100 - 250 participants in order to maximize your chances of winning. Participants will be notified when this change takes place.

How it Works

At the current time, the crypto giveaways are essentially a platform where you can use your idle PC power to earn free games:

1) Pick Your Prize Target

  • Prizes are sorted by difficulty into (sizes).
  • Prize Sizes have different time-frames:
    • Small Prize: Every 3 hours
    • Medium Prize: Every 9 hours
    • Large Prize: Every 16 hours
  • Large prizes have highest value.

2) Start Mining

  • When mining, your computer will use it's extra CPU power. You can control how much resources are devoted to mining and therefore ticket generation, by changing the number of threads.
  • When your machine supplies a valid solution:
    • You will receive a ticket specific to this prize draw and difficulty. Your tickets will accumulate as you continue to mine.
    • As your device performs calculations for cryptocurrency mining, you will increase your chance of winning the draw.

3) Ticket Drawing

  • When the countdown reaches 0:00, your tickets will be drawn to identify a winner.
    • All non-winning tickets for the draw will be removed.
    • The next prize in que will become available and a new countdown will begin automatically. No actions required from you.
    • The winning miner will be notified via e-mail immediately with instant delivery of their CD key.
What are Crypto Mining Giveaways?
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